Hiring Drivers is Hard

Recruiting Drivers is Hard

The market for online job-search and resume-builder sites has steadily increased over the last decade, and while there are plenty of sites to choose from, they all offer essentially the same thing. These sites, among countless online forums and blogs, insist that the quickest way to fill open positions is to post them in as many places as possible — but what if there was a simpler, more efficient way?

How Deliverful is different

In an oversaturated job market bogged down by outdated listings, applicants of all skill levels, and too many categories to organize, it’s easy for your perfect candidate to get lost in the mix. Not only does sifting through these applicants take time, but all those false leads add up financially, too. Fortunately, Deliverful picks up where other sites leave off.

As the only driver-specific job site on the market, Deliverful focuses solely on drivers and the positions they’re interested in. Our platform simplifies the search in a natural way while doubling as a comprehensive resource equipped with never-before-seen features. As the first company to implement this approach, our mission is, and always will be, to expedite the searching, hiring, and onboarding process for drivers and their employers.

Post driver jobs where drivers will see it

In this new space we’ve created for the industry, you can be sure the open positions you post are being seen — and applied for — by qualified drivers we’ve already vetted. This is made possible by our Deliverful Driver Profiles: the bread and butter of what we do. When a driver signs up with us they are prompted to fill out their most relevant specs including industry experience, driving records, and ratings. This makes pinpointing and pulling their critical data a breeze.

We handle the heavy-lifting when it comes to vetting these applicants, too. During the driver profile sign-up stage, we verify their vehicle information, licenses, certifications, and insurance coverage, so you know you’re seeing all legitimate candidates. What could once take days of back-and-forth communication and exchanging these documents through a third-program (LinkedIn, email, etc.) is already done for you.

Pay per application, not per click

Some job sites charge employers every time an applicant clicks on their listing, whether they’re a qualified candidate or not. Because the sites we discussed earlier function as very broad job search engines, everyone on the internet has access to your listing and anyone can click on it. Consequently, a very small number of these listing clicks are actually by qualified candidates that turn into applicants (plus even fewer get hired), and where every click counts, this can be just as frustrating as it is expensive.

But at Deliverful we are committed to maximizing everyone’s productivity and ROI by showing your listing to a network of candidates already serious about applying. All the drivers on our platform are pre-qualified and pre-vetted to ensure each applicant is applicable, leading to a much higher success rate. We are the first and only job site doing this for drivers, and though every click still counts, you’re only charged when they apply.

Collect more than just resumes

One of our highest priorities is providing employers direct access to candidates’ crucial information from the jump. Where other job sites ask applicants to provide just their resumes and most basic information, we require they include everything imperative to driver jobs when they sign-up. Because of this, each Deliverful Driver Profile you view will already have the candidates’ verified driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance coverage status.

In addition to being pre-vetted and pre-qualified, our drivers are prompted to include other essential information, much of which our platform can import directly from other service sites. These specs include work history, trips completed, ratings, awards, certifications, and work preferences (availability, work radius, etc.), providing a clear overview of the applicant before you’ve even begun.

Never-before-seen features

Deliverful stands apart from other job sites because it is the world’s first hiring platform for drivers, but also because of the intuitive features we’ve included. When it comes to meeting potential employees online, especially for driver jobs, it’s critical to have access to the tools needed for vetting, doc-sharing, and hiring. This is why we’ve equipped our platform with never-before-seen features unique to Deliverful, ensuring each onboarding experience is a seamless one.

Using the built-in video feature, employers can conduct live interviews, and candidates can create unique introduction videos to share on their profiles. Our set of e-sign tools make paperwork a snap with the option to create and edit your own documents, choose from our templates, or send and collect signatures to wrap things up. We’ve also simplified the process of running (motor vehicle and criminal) background checks and requesting and conducting pre-employment screenings compliant with state and federal labor laws — all without leaving the site.

Recruit Your Drivers With Deliverful

We are proud to have launched our Deliverful Driver Profiles in January 2021 and look forward to growing our community of drivers and recruiters. If you like what you see and want to get involved, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch.